Wednesday, November 10, 2010


My Eyeko order arrived today. I've been waiting to try out their products. Eyeko is a London based cosmetic company. from their website, Eyeko means love in Japanese. Eyeko products are "Part Brit girl, part Tokyo cutie - Eyeko offers WOW products that define sweet London style". 

In this order, I have a Posh Polish (for ladylike nails) - a creamy taupe shade. This is my most favourite of all the shades. It's a taupe with a hint of pink. Vintage Polish (for elegant nails) - a jade green hue. A nice shade of pastel green. You will need 3 coats for this one. This will look great for the coming Summer. Nude Polish (for perfect nails) - a creamy pinky-beige. Lovely colour but I found this colour is a little bit hard to apply. I need 3 coats for a smooth finish. Lilac Polish (for lovely nails) - a creamy pastel purple. A pretty lilac colour. I think it will look great on my toes.

Top - Bottom: Posh Polish, Nude Polish, Vintage Polish, Lilac Polish.

Chi chi Polish (for girlie nails) - a pink glitters in clear baby pink polish. This one is pretty on its own, but I think it will great over any plain polish to add some sparkles. Indigo Polish (for sultry nails) - a shimmery midnight blue. Nothing special about this one. I've seen this kid of colour before but it's nice if you haven't got this shade. Cosmic Polish (for space age nails) - a midnight black with multi-coloured glitters. I like this one a lot. The colourful glitters make the black look so different. 

Top - Bottom: Cosmic Polish, Chi Chi Polish, Indigo Polish, Lilac Polish

What I like about these nail polish is that the price is very reasonable. US$5.50 per bottle (approx. NZ$9)& US$21 (approx. NZ$35) for a sets of 5 (I bought a Cult Classic set). Also, I like the size of the bottle. I think it's a really good size. Smaller & cheaper means I can buy more!  My overall opinion is 4 out of 5 as some of the colours are quite hard to apply. Other than that, I think Eyeko is a good affordable brand.  I will try out more of their products very soon.

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