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I've seen & listened to loads of reviews about Coastal Scent for quite some times. This is my first of its product. I'm not actually a fan of big palettes. It makes me feel bad when I go out and buy more eyeshadows after I just bought a big palette like this one. There's so many colours in a palette that makes me think I have all the colours I need. So why am I still buying more? Well, that's my silly reason for not liking any big palettes.

with natural light

Well, this palette gave me a different feeling! When I first saw it on emilynoel83 on Youtube, I thought if I gotta buy a Coastal Scents palette, this is the one to get. It has 36 eyeshadows (of course) but what special about it, is that the eyeshadows divided into 6 main colours: Neutrals/Browns, Yellow/Greens, Pinks, Blues, Greys/Black & Purples, and each group has 6 different shades.

The Neutrals/Browns

The Yellow/Greens

The Pinks(plus a matte black)

The Blues

The Greys (plus a shimmery black & a matte white)

The Purples

I like that the eyeshadows come in both matte and shimmery. All the colours have very good pigmentation. What I also like about this new 36 palette is the size of each eyeshadow. I bought one of the 88 palettes (not CS) off Trade Me (NZ's eBay) earlier this year but I didn't like it at all. I sold it on Trade Me a few week after I got it. Even though, the 88 palette have rather good pigmentation but each one of them is too small for my preference. This Coastal Scents 36 has a decent size for each shadow. I've also found that the 88 palette has a lot of fall-outs when I applied, but this 36 palette doesn't. Here are some of the swatches....

I haven't tried any of the colours on my regular working day yet. I only play with this palette. So I can't really tell much about what the staying power is like. So far, I like this palette a lot and I would recommend it anyone who wants to try Coastal Scents palette. 

The case

The packaging

 In natural light

with flash

I was worried about the palette get damaged during shipping (which happened when I ordered the 88 palette, 2 of the shadows got broken) Anyway, this 36 palette came very well-packed with a box twice its size & some giant bubble wraps. One thing that is a down side to this product is that it's quite hard to open. I have to really push/pull the lid to get it opened. Well, I'm definitely going to try more of Coastal Scents products in the future. Probably, I would try some of their makeup brushes, Hot Pots and Gel Liners. 

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