Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I always keen to try out more Asian cosmetics. I've found that Asian skincare works better on my skin. So I believe that Asian beauty products especially skincare design/formulate to suit Asian skin. Like on my previous blog, I mentioned that my mom, my sister & me are Shiseido users. Of all the skincare I've tried, by far Shiseido (as well as ZA - a more affordable brand from Shiseido lap) is the winner for me. 

Anyway, let's talk about this haul. I walked pass Missha store (Queen street, Auckland) last week & saw that they were having a 25% off all cosmetics. So I decided to pop in for a quick look. Well, it turned out to be a 40 minutes stop. I tried loads of skincare & makeup. I like that the SA just left me alone. I don't like going to a makeup counter & a SA just keep following me like a shadow & gives a comment on everything I touch. I know you have to meet your weekly target but....give me a bit of space!

So, it came down to these 3 products that I picked. They're items that I'm running low of, or have been wanting to try, or want to try different brands. I bought a Perfect Brush Cleanser, a Signature Real Complete B.B Cream, and a Super-Extreme Waterproof Eyeliner.

My MAC Brush Cleanser was running out, so I thought I would give this Perfect Brush Cleanser a try as everything seemed to tick all the boxes :) It was half the price of MAC Cleanser & with more product in the bottle. MAC Brush Cleanser has 235ml & Missha Perfect Brush Cleanser has 250ml.

I like the scent of Missha Brush Cleanser. It smells fruity & quite mild, while MAC Brush Cleanser has a strong smell of alcohol. Other thing that I like about Missha Cleanser is that it has a list of all the ingredients but MAC hasn't. It also claims to contain botanical ingredients. I like natural ingredients :)

I used it once just to try how good it is. I was quite happy with the result. I used it the same as I normally do with MAC Cleanser. I prefer to use a spray bottle for brush cleanser but I just squeezed small amount straight from the bottle onto the brush when I used this. I cleansed the brush, I think, as good as MAC Cleanser! I also noticed that the bristles of the brush is very soft afterward. Another tick!  

On the label, it suggests to soak the brush in a bowl and to use circular drawing motion to cleanse off, then rinse off with water. I didn't follow any of these steps. I just put my brush over a paper towel & put the cleanser over and rubbed it back & forth like I always do. I think it works too.

Next item is Signature Real Complete B.B Cream. I got this in a small size 20g. I used to have Missha Perfect Cover B.B Cream but I didn't enjoy using it. I found that the Perfect Cover was making my skin looked greyish, it didn't blend out very well on me & it made my skin look shinny/oily. However, I've found this Signature Real Complete B.B Cream works much better on my skin.

The SA told me that this product is water base & the Perfect Cover is oil base. So I guess that's why this formula works better on my skin. I have a very oily skin especially on my nose & above my upper lips. Most people told me I have combination skin but I think I have oily skin. It's just that one area is more oily than the other :P I don't usually have dry patches on my face. I only have them at the beginning of winter when I still use my Summer skincare routine when it's getting colder.

This shade of this B.B cream matches my skin pretty well. I'm a MAC NC30-35. FYI: For the swatch, The cream was applied on my arm which is lighter than my face. When it comes to coverage and staying power, I think this particular B.B cream doesn't do anything for me in term of coverage. It does make my skin looks smooth at the 1st few hours. However, it doesn't cover up any imperfections on my face. Once my face starts to produce more oil, it seemed to slip off my skin. So I have to have MAC Studio Fix with me for touching up. I've heard lots of people blame B.B cream for causing breakout, lucky me! I haven't had that problem after using it (yet).

Last item is, Missha Super-Extreme Waterproof Eyeliner. I got this in brown. I really like the packaging & the design of the liner. The pen has a sleek shinny pewter navy case with gold details. It's a retractable pencil with a sharpener hidden at the end. The look of it reminded me a bit of Hourglass eyeliner, only with different colour.

When I swatch this at the store, it took me a while to rub it off the back of my hand. So I thought it's going to stay pretty well on my eyes. I've been using Revlon ColorStay Eyeliners for a while and I really like them. Unlike in the US, Revlon in New Zealand is not a drugstore brand. It sells in department stores! I was in a search for eyeliners that have the same quality as Revlon liners.

I think this Missha Waterproof Eyeliner is by far the closest one I've found.  It's very creamy & goes on very smoothly on my lash lines. The colour is just the right shade for me, a dark chocolate brown. I has this eyeliner on my working day (8 hrs). It stayed on all day only faded a tiny bit, and it didn't smudge at all. 

So far, I'm very pleased with this purchase. All the 3 items for NZ$41. These days I found myself buy more & more of affordable Asian makeup & skincare. I think when it comes to makeup, high price doesn't always mean better quality. It's about trying new things and don't stick to the brands. Just my thought, anyway.

Hope you find this blog helpful :)

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