Sunday, December 5, 2010


I've been wanting to try brushes from Sigma Beauty for a while as I saw lots of good comments about them. Sigma used to have the same product numbers as MAC brushes but now they have their own numbers. I ordered it from their website. What attracted me to decide to try it was that I had a coupon code for a 10% discount. So, I said to myself "Discount? Great, It's time to try a Sigma brush. Let's make an order then!". They do ship internationally which is convenient for me. The brush costs US$14 with US$5.39 USPS First Class shipping to NZ. I got it for US$17.99 in total. Really good deal for a brush. 

The brush arrived last week. Exactly 10 days after I placed an order. I was happy with that cos, as you know, First Class Mail can take up to 6 weeks for the item to arrive. For just over a week....Perfect!

The brush was nicely packed. It came in a red see-thru drawstring bag, with a couple of brochures and a cleaning instruction card. Nice touch! It has a soft plastic sleeve on the handle and a bristle protector on the top (of course).

This F05 used to called SS109, which is equivalent to MAC 109. I always wanted to get a MAC 109 but because the cost is so dear at $95 in NZ. I kept waiting & waiting, couldn't make myself to buy a brush for such a high price.

Anyway, the brush is very soft and goes on smoothly on my skin. I would say it almost identical to MAC 109. Only that this brush is not as soft & fluffy as MAC, and the handle is a bit fatter. Other than that, I like it. It does its job, it's good quality and most importantly it's a fraction of a price of MAC brushes. What else could possibly be better than this? ummm....none!?! I use this brush as a blush brush, to contour my jawlines, to highlight my cheekbones & a bridge of my nose. I haven't tried using it as a foundation brush yet. I saw many people use it that way and swear to it. So I'll try soon but for now I'm happy using my hand as a foundation brush.

What I've noticed is that the bristles still fall off the brush after a few uses but it's stopped after a proper deep clean. I'm impressed with the Sigma brush I bought and I'm planning to get some more in the near future.  

By the way, I used the coupon code "ELLE" for a 10% discount. Click on a Sigma ad on my side bar & enjoy a good deal :D 

QUICK TIP: I use a MAC brush cleanser for between everyday use and do a deep clean once every 2 weeks (or weekly if I use my brushes heavily).

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