Thursday, December 2, 2010


I got these Skin Food nail polishes off Trade Me (NZ's version of ebay) a while ago. I got 3 of them for a good deal of $8. I got a yellow with glitters, a bright pink with shimmer and a dark pink with glitters. They don't have any names or colour codes on the bottles. So, I don't really know what the shades are.

Today, I have on the dark pink on my nails. I really like this colour when I saw it in a bottle. It's not a usual pink that I can see in a store. It's a dark pink (or magenta?) with loads of giltters. It has a blue undertone. When I apply it on, I can see pink & blue glitters. So pretty. Pink polish with gillters, boring! But the blue gives an interesting look to this polish. It looks more fun & puts a lot of shine into the colour.

I put 3 coats to get a smooth finish. I could do with just one coat but the colour appeared too sheer for me. I think 3 coats give it a true colour like what's in the bottle.

with flash

The texture is quite thick but not streaky. I think I can smell strawberry but not so sure. Maybe the colour makes me imagine the smell LOL! This is a very buildable polish. You do as sheer or as bold as you wish. Just keep applying more layers to achieve the colour you like. 

It looks like a light pink in this pic but the colour on my nails actually looks like the picture with a flash. I was enjoyed putting this Skin Food Nail Polish on. i actually have the bright pink on my toes right now. I didn't take any photos cos I've recently attacked by fleas. So I'm not very keen to post a picture of my polka dot feet hahahaha 

Anyway, I'm keeping an eye on more good deals for this brand on Trade Me. Hoping to find more good items from this Singaporean cosmetic brand.

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