Tuesday, January 4, 2011


On the way home from work, I decided to pop in to check out MAC counter at Smith & Caughey's. I know that most of Tartan Tale Holiday Collection Sets are sold out, but I just need to look at something pretty & colourful after a dull day at work :)

I was looking around, swatching & trying on stuff when a SA came to say hi and asked "What are you after today, love?". I replied "umm...nothing in particular. Just browsing, thanks". A few second later, I remembered the new Cham-Pale collection I saw on temptalia.com. I knew that it wouldn't be available in NZ until after New Year. (The official release date in NZ is Januray 3rd) I thought I should ask the girl when it's the acutal release date so that I won't miss out on the products I want. I told her that I really like the Nail Lacquers as they were the only items that caught my eyes from the blog. She then grabbed them from the drawer and said to me "I can sell them to you today if you want to get them both". If you were there, you would see a big smile on my face when she said that :D My instant reply was "YES! I'LL TAKE THEM" with no hesitation LOL!

OK, enough with droning on and on...Let's see the photos

MAC Cham-Pale Nail Lacquers: Very Important Platinum & Soiree

with flash

Very Important Platinum is officially described as "Dirty Platinum" and Soiree is described as "Sparkly Light Bronze Gold". For me, Very Important Platinum looks like a metallic grey with glossy finish. Soiree is a bronzy gold with glitters. I actually like Soiree since the first time I saw a swatch on the internet when I came out in the US, and I still like it a lot. Very Important Platinum is just alright for me. Nothing unique about it. It's just another silver nail polish. The reason I bought it because I never owned a silver polish before, and the deal the SA offered me was, for me, impossible to say no. 

About the application, I found Very Important Platinum very streaky. It was very hard to avoid brush strokes showing on my nails. I applied 3 coats to get the less stroke as possible. Staying power for this one is rather good. I had it on on Christmas's Eve now it's Jan 4th and it's still on with some fading on the tip. But considering I didn't put on any top coat, I think it is a good longwear nail polish. 

As for Soiree, I love love love this colour. It's so gorgeous and I think it will suit all skin tones. I like that it's shimmery & glittery but it doesn't feel gritty at all. Like I can literally see the glitters on my nails but it feels smooth when I stroke my finger over it. The application is super easy. I can easily have my nails done in just one coat (you will get a nice sheer finish with this). This time I put on 2 coats so that the colour will show up when I take the photos.Unlike other glittery polishes, Soiree is very easy to remove & doesn't damage the surface of my nails.

with flash
Overall, I'm pretty happy with these nail polishes. They can be worn as everyday polish, for every occasion, day or night. They're versatile colours to have. So, if you haven't got any nail polish like these 2 shades. I would recommend you to go to MAC counter and try them on. If you only allow to get one, I would say go for Soiree. It's a prettier colour & easier to apply out of the two. I also think that the colour is quite neat and different from other bronzy polishes. 

See ya x x

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