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I've got these 2 mascaras a while ago but I've been busy with other things and forgot to make a review. I bought Bad Gal from Trade Me (NZ's ebay), and The Falsies from Farmers. Personally, I don't buy many of the high-end mascaras. I think that drugstore mascaras are as good as the high-end ones (or some are even better!) Besides, mascaras don't have a very long life time. You know, you throw one out after about 3-4 months. For me, it depends on how often I use it. The ones that I don't use a lot usually last up to about 6 months. The longest one for me I had was Maybelline Sky High Curves, it lasted for a year (or even a little bit over a year). I had some experience buying high-end mascaras & I ended up not liking them & never used them again. That I'm talking about money going down the drain (in this case, going down the bin). I think why buying expensive mascaras when I can get the same result for a fraction of the price.

OK, enough with the ramble. Let's get started!

After I saw loads and loads of Youtube videos raving about The Falsies, I was wondering if they were going to bring it to NZ. And YES! It has finally arrived. It was released here at the beginning of the year. I didn't get it until a few weeks later.The first impression I had with The Falsies was that I like the bright packaging. It comes in a fuchsia tube with a metallic blue writing. The shape is the same as the other Volum' Express mascaras.

What I like the most is inside the tube, the brush. It's what they called "spoon shape". It slightly curves like a spoon with soft bristles on 2 sides (not all around the brush like normal).

It also has an indentation towards the bottom of the brush. This bit here makes the brush very flexible. I mean it kind of bend to fit the shape of your lashes. You can see it in the photo below.

The formula is similar to The Colossal. I'm not too fuss about the smell (some people complaint about the smell of some mascaras). I can't smell anything when it's on my lashes anyway. As you may know that I'm weird, I don't like a mascara when I first use it cos it's a little too wet for me. I like the texture of mascaras when they dries out just a little bit. I feel like it holds my curl better when it a little dry and it doesn't leave some dots on my lower after i blink. Also, it's not likely to make me have panda eyes at the end of the day.

Let's see the result.......

My bare eye
with one coat
It's quite impressive, right? and you can see, there's some black dots on my lower inner corner. It happened after I blinked. You can build up the thickness with more coata. It actually even more dramatic after the second coat. I was so excited about the result and forgot to take a picture for the second coat. But I guess you can see how good it makes my lashes look. Even though, it's not exactly like "falsies", but I would say it's doing a good job for my sad little lashes. 

Now, on to Benefit BadGal. I always buy waterproof mascara as it holds my curl all day. When I bought this mascara, I thought they said it's waterproof but it doesn't say that it is on the package. So I'm not quite sure whether it's waterproof or not. But I think It's not. A bit disappointed, really.

There's nothing much to say about the packaging. If you're familiar with Benefit brand, you know what to expect from the presentation of the products: girlie & glamorous. I like the box packing but not too much of the tube. Don't ask me why? I just do. Well, The fat & long tube does give an impression of big thick lashes.

Bad Gal has a normal brush & bristles which I really like. I don't enjoy using new rubber wand that much. It's too flimsy for me. I prefer the old-fashion hard & sturdy wand & brush..

The brush is massive. It's the biggest mascara brush I've ever seen! No, I'm lying. I've seen a few that are as big as this one. I like the soft texture of the mascara. I can feel that it's creamier and softer on my eyes than drugstore mascaras. That's one thing I've found about the difference quality of mascaras. The high-end ones tend to have a better texture. Actually for Bad Gal, I'm not quite sure that it's soft because it's not a waterproof version, or because it's a better quality.

As you can see, it's less dramatic than The Falsies. But since I'm not comparing the two mascaras in this post, so I'm just going to tell how I feel about the product & how I think the product changes the appearance of my eyelashes. Well, in the photo is one coat. The application gave me nice defined lashes. It can be built up with 2 or more coats. I think it separates the lashes very nicely and there's no big clumps to be seen. There's a downside of this Bad Gal, it didn't hold my curl very well. After about half an hour, my eyelashes were droopy. They were just back to almost as same as the lashes before I curled then. Only left a tiny bit of curl to my lashes. However, I still like it and am still going to continue using it. I fix the problem by applying the final layer with a waterproof mascara. This way, it won't be left alone at the back of my makeup drawer and I don't waste any of my hard earned money :D

Thanks for reading my blog & I hope you're enjoying it!

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