Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This has got to be one of my February favorite beauty products! I saw lots of reviews on OPI Shatter but it hasn't arrived in New Zealand yet (and God knows when. NZ's always a season late). Well, OPI polishes are normally retailed at around NZ$25 which is quite expensive. Missha Leopard Nail Polishes are only NZ$13.90! So I went straight to Missha after I saw this new product on their website. OK, I'm lying. I didn't get there until a week after I saw it. Work has been pretty hectic lately. 

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Anyway, these babies come in 3 shades: Black, Brown and Purple. What caught my eye when I first saw them were the leopard print caps. Aren't they gorgeous? I bought the purple one. I thought it would look great with bright colours. When I tried them on at the store, this shade seemed to crack (or shatter as you may use) a lot nicer and better than the other ones. I think the black was my less favourite. It didn't crack as well and I think the polish didn't go on as smooth as the other 2 shades. 

What I like the most about this purple is that it's kind of have a duo-chrome effect. I can see a purple in one angle and a dark navy in another with a pink undertone. So it's like buy one colour, get another one free! I found that his particular shade gives different shade on different colour you put on the first layer. I tried it with a dirty green and it showed up with slight green-ish/blue-ish but still can see the purple. Pretty cool, eh?

Looks blue with flash

Looks purple without flash

I find that the best way to apply this polish is "the little, the better". Remember! If applied too thick, it won't crack/shatter! I scrapped the polish off the brush at the edge of the bottle. You want to have just enough polish for one stroke. It's totally okay if doesn't cover to the tip of your nails. You can reapply it and it still looks perfect. Cool, right? Who doesn't like a nail polish that you can be as messy as possible and it's still look good :)
Apply your favourite nail polish as a base colour
The polish will dry matte but don't worry. That's why you have a top coat for. If you like the matte look, you can just stop there. But as you all know, top coat will help the polish lasts longer.  It does dry very quick so I had to work a little quicker to get the pattern I want.

Dries matte
With a top coat

My tips for applying this Leopard polish is to wait for each coat to dry completely before applying the next. Also, each stroke have different patterns so you have to try applying this in different direction. I applied mine lengthwise first and then across. You can do crisscross, dots or any style you can think of, really. 

FYI: I used China Glaze in Strawberry Field as my base colour. 

OK, girls! Go grap one of these amazing nail polishes and show me what they look like on your nails :)

(P/S - I'll go get the brown one this weekend. Like them that much :P) 


  1. Hey I just got this nail polish today, the black one, but I can't get it to crack at all! I'm from auckland as well. Got it from the Missha store that's just opened in town down queens st. I tried thin coats and thick, but nothing worked, I'm really disappointed.

    Do you have any tricks on how to make them crack better?

    1. Hi Jeannie, make sure the polish is well mixed by rolling the bottle between the palm of your hands. Don't shake it!! Hope this helps :)

  2. try using a hair dryer to dry your nails :)