Sunday, March 6, 2011


These Mega Metal Eye Shadows came out as part of Peacocky Collection (also in Peacocky Collection are Kissable Lipcolours). I didn't get any of the Kissable Lipcolours because they didn't "wow" me. There's a couple of nice shades but I think they're not unique enough (for me, anyway).

Mega Metal Eye Shadows have lots of nice shades, both neutral & bright. There are 15 of them. I initially only bought two. They're the ones that caught my eyes when I first saw them. A few days later I went back and got two more :) 

I first got Dalliance, Dandizette & Paparazz-she, then Tweet Me. These eye shadows are a little more expensive than regular MAC eye shadows, but they're twice the size (normal size NZ$38, Mega Metal NZ$48). It's NZ$10 more but I think I got more bang for my buck.

I like the texture of these Mega Metal a lot. There are so smooth & very pigmented. To me, the texture for these guys are very similar to MAC Veluxe Pearl Shadows. Other good thing about this Mega Metal is that there's no fall-out at all! I would normally expect any shimmery eye shadows to have, at least, a small amount of fall-out. But with these little guys, as long as I tapped all the excess shadow before I apply, the result is "no mess". 

Dalliance stood out to me the most. Some people might find it boring but I think I don't usually see colours like this one. It's a shimmery off-white with an olive green undertone. It would be great as an inner corner and all over the lid colour.

Dandizette is a dark blue with metallic shimmer. I had to make a decision between this colour and Odalisque. Odalisque is a bright teal blue, a very gorgeous one too. I decided to get Dandizette because to me I don't often wear bright colours. So I thought I would get more use out of the deeper shade.

I was very excited about Paparazz-she. It's a coppery orange. Beautiful, beautiful colour. I never own an orange eye shadow before, so this is the one to get. I don't see many orange eye shadows. Even MAC doesn't have many shimmery orange in their permanent line. I actually asked the MA to try Paparazz-she on me. I just wanted to get an idea of how to wear it. Well, I knew that I like this colour but I didn't how can I use this shade this my everyday makeup. She applied this on 3/4 of my lid then used Brown Down on the outer lid and to define the crease. She put Ricepaper at the inner corner to brighten up the look. The she intensified Paparazz-she by applying it wet using Fix+. The result, a gorgeous gorgeous look. It didn't look too bright at all. Besides, it did give a nice warm tone to my face. Love it!

Onto Tweet Me (cute name) which I bought a week after the rest. I've been wanting to get Expensive Pink forever but never get around to it. When I saw Paparazz-she, I thought they look quite similar. When I was at MAC counter, I swatches both of them to compare. They are pretty close. Only Paparazz-she has more yellow/golden tone. It's a very pretty shade & goes well with my warm skin.

If you haven't check out MAC Peacocky Collection, I would recommend to get a few Mega Metal eye shadows. They are, of course, a limited edition and I believe they're great items to own. 

in natural light
NOTE: I went to MAC counter to get another one in Odalisque but they are sold out. Damn! Should have bought it together when I got Tweet Me :) 

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