Monday, March 28, 2011


I wasn't so excited about Wonder Woman Collection when I first saw it. I guess it was because I'm into eye colours, whereas this collection doesn't have any interesting eye shadows. The only eye shadows they have is the palettes, which I found the colours are too boring.

But yet, I ended up purchasing, initially, 2 items. Then I went back and got 1 more. A couple of days later I went back again to get another one. Well, that was more than enough for a collection I wasn't really interested in. As you can see, the packaging is tacky, the material looks cheap, and basically they look more a toys not high-end makeup (but I suppose that's what MAC is trying to make this collection looks like a "toy" as for Wonder Woman, the comic).

The first 2 items I bought was a Mineralize Skinfinish in Golden Lariat and a Duo Powder Blush in Mighty Aphrodite. It was Tuesday when I went to MAC counter, I was browsing around for a while but couldn't find anything I really want. A familiar face MA at the counter asked me what I was looking for & I replied "I want something colourful". She looked around a couple of times then said to me "Wonder Woman will released on Friday but I can sell them to you today if you want. But don't tell anyone, ok?". Who would say no?

She opened the whole drawer full of Wonder Woman collection, and that's what made me got all excited about this collection. I told her I wanted a Duo Blush & maybe a Mineralize Skinfinish. She was super nice & actually went back inside to the store room and got me a few testers to try on. And yeah, that's how I got my 1st two items. 

 in natural light                                                                                        with flash

I was already felt in love with the Duo Blush especially Mighty Aphrodite. It has a peachy pink colour & a bright deep pink. I haven't got anything like these colours yet. So I knew that if I'm going to buy on thing from this collection it would be this blush.  

in natural right                                                                                        with flash

Mighty Aphrodite is  a gorgeous, gorgeous peachy/coral pink blush. When I swatched it at the counter it appeared very light, but when I applied it on my cheeks. It looked very sheer, but yet buildable. I like to use just the lighter shade. When I swirl the brush around, it can give a little deeper colour for a more intense look. 

in natural light                                                                                             with flash

In the photos above: on the left is the colour is when I swirl 2 shades together, in the middle is the lighter shade & on the right is the darker shade. 

                 in natural light                               Golden Lariat                              with flash                       

I liked the super-size packaging for the Mineralize Skinfinishes in this collection. I couldn't decide which Mineralize Skinfinish I wanted. They both looked so pretty when I first saw them. But then I thought, Pink Power looked a little too light for my liking, so I chose Golden Lariat. The MA applied it on my face. It looked really nice & matched well with my skin tone. Golden Lariat has a deep golden/bronzy and a little bit of coral in it.

My face with Golden Lariat

The MA used the darkest shade to contours my face & to deepened my crease & the outer v. Then she applied the lighter one on my cheeks, and used the lightest shade as a highlighter on my cheek bones, the bridge of my nose and on my forehead. The MA told me the three colours are to used as a contour (darkest shade), as a blush (the lighter shade), and as a highlighter (the lightest shade). Not bad at all, one item as three products. 

Mineralize Skinfinish in Pink Power (with flash)

I went back a week later and bought Pink Powder. It actually looks really nice on me too :) That's a plus when you have a medium skin tone cos it goes with most shades. Pink Power has a very lovely highlight colour, a beautiful champagne with lots of shimmer. I've found myself using this colour a lot lately. The darkest shade is a tad darker than my skin tone but I would use it as an all-over face powder when I want to add more colour to my face which tends to get lighter in winter. Also, I can use this shade as a contour when applying more layers. I like to apply the the blush colour over a matte blush, it gives a little bit of light to my face.

in natural light
with flash

The last item I bought was a lipstick in Marquise d', a pinky nude with gold shimmers. It don't normally pick a pink nude lipstick as they don't match my skin very well. But Marquise d' is a very pretty nude lipstick. I tried it on and was in love with it instantly. I think the gold shimmers make it looks warmer. Also, it's not an opaque lipstick so it doesn't make me look wash out or dead. 

with flash
in natural light

A couple of days after I bought the lipstick, I went back to MAC counter to get a backup but they were sold out at both stores in my area. I called the other store (about 20 minutes drive from where I live), but sold out as well. What a shame! I could have thought about it earlier. Hopefully, MAC will relaunch Marquise d' with any of their new collections in the near future.

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