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Back in February I was surprised to receive a VIP voucher from Hara Kang, an Online Marketing Designer from Missha. The voucher was for a FREE skin care treatment at one of their newly opened Totoal Beauty Care Centres. There's one in Mt. Eden & another one in Takapuna. She was enjoyed reading a post on my blog about Missha Leopard Nail Polish, and wanted me to experience their new skin care service

Many thanks for Hara for giving me this fantastic offer!

So last week, I booked my appointment at Missha Store in Takapuna (a northern suburb in Auckland).  I went there on Friday as it was my day-off. The store was quiet but, of course, it's not on a weekend.

I'm not familiar with the area so it took me awhile to find the store. It's located inside an small arcade. That's why I walked pass it a few times. First, I was walking on the wrong side of the road (and was distracted by all the shops along the road). Then, I didn't realize that it's not actually on the main street. Also, it was a little tricky to find a shop number as most of the shops don't have their street number at the front. Anyway, I found it at the end and was still early.

Shop from the front

The shop has a decent size with good display of their products. It's well-lit with a soft warm feel to it. I like this store a lot more than my local Missha on Queen St. Takapuna store looks professional with sleek fittings. Whereas Queen Street looks a little bit disorientated. They have jewellery & stationary, yes! that's right. Stationary in a cosmetic store is kind of a strange combination, I think. A makeover to their Queen St. store in the future would be a good idea :)

Shop from the back

I was greeted by Jae, a pretty Makeup Artist at the store. Then by Lauren, a Beauty Therapy Manager led me to the treatment room. It was at the back of the shop. It looked clean & fresh. Sorry, I forgot to take photos of the room. Couldn't wait to get my face pampered :)

At the back of the shop (to the left is the treatment room)

Service area & Makeover Station

The skincare treatment I had was an Active Water Moisturizing for Face & Neck. It took 30 minutes. Lauren has a very light & gentle hands, but can give a good pressure when needed. She was graduated from "a highly reputed skin care & makeup institute, Ecole Internationale d'esthetique Elysee Marbeuf". Well, I don't really know about this institute, but hey it's French, it's gotta be good, right? Lauren was quiet & really getting on with her job. I like it!

My skin after treatment

For me personally, I like to be told what products are going to apply on my precious skin. So I can tell what they feel like on my skin. I wasn't asked whether I have allergies to any particular ingredients. I think it's a good question to ask before starting any facial treatment, in case a customer came back & complaint about any skin reactions. Overall, I like the treatment a lot. It did make my face look radiant after the session. I could feel that my skin had been well-moisturized. One more thing, I think it would be a nice touch to a skincare service is to offer a quick touch-up for customer who doesn't want to be seen without any makeup on (like me). It doesn't have to be FREE, some small charge would be fine. This way not only a customer walks away feeling great, also a business can increase the sale from selling makeup products together with skincare.

Lauren & Jae

Enough of the intense marketing advice hahahaha I took a photo of these nice ladies at the store. They're very friendly & helpful. Jae let me try on lots of skincare & makeup (Great!). I ended up with 4 items but reduced to 3 as it was a little bit over my weekly makeup expense. I'll post a haul on the products I bought on the next post.

Just a little info on the treatments: The prices are range from NZ$29 to NZ$99 for a 30 minutes to a 75 minutes session. They offer different kind of treatments to suit your need eg. Whitening, Firming, Anti-aging & Rejuvenating, etc. You get a discount if you purchase multiple sessions of 5 or 10 times.

I would definitely go back to get another treatment soon.

Thanks for reading my blog :)

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  1. It sounds really nice there! You should recommend some products from them cause I have one near me