Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm still not sure why I bought this mascara since I never wear mascara on my bottom lashes. I reckon it must be the cute little packaging that got me. Also, I wanted to start putting on mascara on my lower lashes. I hope it will open up my eyes a bit more and make my eyes look bigger.

Well, I was wrong. I would consider myself having quite big eyes (not sure what you think). I found that applying mascara on my lower lashes kind of make my eyes look dull, and make me look like a raccoon. 

OK, onto this product. I actually have nothing to complain about it so far. I worn it about 3-4 times and I like the way it apply and the staying power of it. 

I'm not sure whether they come in other colours eg. brown. Where I bought it from, they only have one shade which is black. I wonder who would want to wear coloured mascara on their lower lashes anyway. I suppose it would look weird.


I really like the tiny brush applicator. It's about half a centimeter in length and with a tapered point tip. It works well applying mascara on my barely-there lashes. I can use it on my upper lashes too. Especially when I want to get right into the corners.

Compare with Maybelline Full & Soft

It claims to be smudge-proof, not waterproof. I had it on the other day and wen for an afternoon power nap. When I got up, it was still there and didn't smudge as it claimed. However, it does take a while for the product to dry.

In term of length & volume, I think this mascara gives a pretty decent length, but not much of volume. Which I think it's good. I've found it's funny every time I see someone's wearing fake bottom lashes on the street. I think it's a bit overboard for a daytime look. Well, unless you work in makeup/beauty. For me, personally, I think wearing fake lashes on both upper & lower lashes is for going out at night or for a special occasion. Otherwise, you're trying too hard, gal! 

(But of course, there's an exceptional for makeup gurus or celebrities hehehe) 

               bare eye                                          with mascara           

 bare eye                                       with mascara

I think the result is obvious. My bottom lashes are more noticeable. What do you think?

It felt soft on my lashes & didn't irritate my eyes. It also came off easily with eye makeup remover. Sorry, I don't have much to say about this product. I think it does what it supposes to do, and that's all I want from a product: promise & deliver!

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