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I've always been searching for that "perfect" mascara, aka "holy grail" mascara. I have very short & flat eyelashes with no volume whatsoever. So, what do I look for in a mascara? Well, first of all, length and a lot of it. Second would be an ability to hold curl. Since I normally spend time making sure my lashes have nice curl. I want to make sure that the curl stay with me all day (8 hrs+).

Even though, these are not "THE" perfect mascaras but so far, they're pretty close. Let me introduce, Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascaras....

Kiss Me Long & Curl                           Kiss Me Volume & Curl

I have no doubt that there's many good beauty products from Japan eg. Shiseido, Shu Uemura &  SK-II, etc. However, Japanese cosmetics seem to be expensive which has stopped me from buying them most of the time. Shiseido The Makeup Advance Volume Mascara is great. But, it's like they're great but there's something else out there that has the same/similar quality with a better-looking price tag.

I first bought Kiss Me Long & Curl mascara as I was convinced by a SA that these are the most popular mascaras in Japan right now. It was NZ$29.95 from one of the Japanese cosmetics stores in town. I was happy to come across a Japanese cosmetics that have a very reasonable price. It's similar to Maybelline The Falsies which is another one of my favourites. By looking at packaging, I assume that this brand is targeting younger customers and it's probably a drugstore brand similar to CoverGirl in the US. For me it doesn't matter whether who they're targeting, as long as they're good I would buy & use them.

The surprise came when I spotted Kiss Me Volume & Curl Mascara on Trade Me (strawberrypark) for ONLY $10. I think the reserve was $6 but I won the bid at $10. Not bad at all, right? Lucky! no body wanted to get it at the same time as me. $30 was for a lesson, never buy something unless you shop around first. Both packaging only have Japanese written on them, which can be a concern for someone, but me? Not at all. Word of mouth is better than what's written on the back of a package. The tubes is in maroon with gold print on them. Very simple!

Long & Curl

The Long & Curl version has a curvy brush which tapered at the tip. I like that it's an old-style plastic brush. I'm not really a fan of silicone brushes. It was a little bit too wet for me to start with, but after wiping the brush with tissue it's better. The size of the brush fits my lashes perfectly. The curvy shape makes it easy sweep through from the bottom of the lashes to the top. I can see lots of fibre in the product. That's why it gives good length to the lashes.

On the package doesn't say that it's waterproof but the SA told me that it is. It holds curl really really well. That would be the benefit from being a waterproof mascara. With good 2 coats, it gives me a very good length & thickness without clumps. The mascara lasts me all day (from 8.30am-7pm) & no smudge at all.

Volume & Curl

Kiss Me Volume & Curl mascara also has a plastic brush which thicker at both ends & thinner in the middle (as you can see in the photo above), also with a tapered tip. I only used this one once. The formula is very similar to the Long & Curl. I think the brush is what makes it's different. The bristles on this brush are more packed which is why it gives more volume to lashes. The pointed tip makes it easy to get into corners. This formula doesn't have much different compare to Long & Curl. I think most of the work is from the different shapes of brush.

However, both are pretty hard to wipe off at the end of the day. I usually double cleanse my skin: MAC Cleansing Wipes won't get it off in one wipe. The best removers for Kiss Me mascaras, for me, would be Ponds Cold Cream & Olive Oil. Just rub them gently around the eye areas, concentrating on the lashes. Then wipe it off with cotton balls/pads. I usually do this twice to make sure it's totally clean. 

Another thing that I've noticed is that these mascaras don't feel soft on lashes. I guess it might be from wax which usually added in waterproof mascaras. That doesn't bother me. 

They actually have their own Mascara Remover. I didn't buy it cos they don't have it at strawberrypark on Trade Me. Besides, I think it's unnecessary & expensive. Olive Oil & Cold Cream are doing fine for me. 

Kiss Me Mascara Remover

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