Sunday, November 27, 2011

Who Wants To Be a MISSHA's Reviewer?

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Hara from Missha New Zealand asking if I would like to participate in their "Who Wants To Be Missha Reviewer" programme. Well, why wouldn't I? Trying out new products is what I'm enjoyed doing especially if I can get my hands on some free samples.

OK, here's some information about this programme. It was started in mid-November when whoever wants to participate has to leave a comment on Missha NZ Facebook page. They will send out some samples for you to try for 5 days. After using the samples, leave your most honest review on their Facebook page.

My sample package turned up within a few working days after I told Hara I wanted to join the programme. In the package, I've received 4 x Time Revolution Wrinkle Cure Melting Rich Mask Cream (wow! that was a mouth full), 1 x Pure Revolution Excellent Exfoliater and 1 x information pamphlet. I'm not sure whether it was a mistake that there's only 4 of the Mask Cream. I thought I was supposed to receive 5 samples of the same product to try. On all the samples, there's no descriptions in English apart from the name of the product. I had to look on thier website for the "How To Use".

The first 4 days I used Time Revolution Wrinkle Cure Melting Rich Mask Cream. On the info pamphlet, it claims to nourishing, revitalizing, preventing wrinkles & loss of elasticity, and improving skin dullness & dryness. This cream has a white thick (almost solid) creamy consistency which makes me feel like it will be too heavy for my skin. I don't normally purchase a night cream (or any facial cream) that I feel it's too heavy for my face. However, after I rubbed the cream between my palms, the cream becomes lighter, smoother & easier to work with. The word "melting" from the name is there for a reason as the texture of the cream is melted when contacts with skin temperature.

It has a sweet floral scent which is not overpowering. I tend to be quite fussy about the scent of anything I use. But, to me, the scent of this cream is very pleasant. I  massaged the cream all over my face & neck for about 1 minute until I felt the cream starting to absorb into my skin.Then I padded the cream onto my skin as directed on the website. The cream felt thick & greasy on my face. After 5 minutes, it started to sink in & felt a lot less greasy. After 10 minutes, I could feel the cream became a thin layer which shielded my skin and would help stop the skin from losing its moisture, which I really like. 

MISSHA Time Revolution Wrinkle Cure Melting Rich Mask Cream

After 4 nights of using the samples (I assumed that this product is to be used at night as the name says Rich Mask Cream), I don't see any dramatic change on my skin. I believe that it would need at least 10 days for any skincare product to really feel the difference (for my skin, anyway). Having said that, my face feels a lot softer but not much difference in term of anti-aging/wrinkles as it claims. 

On the 5th night, I used Pure Revolution Excellent Exfoliater. I have to say that I was very impressed with this product. This product has the same scent as the cream. It has tiny little beads to "remove dead skin cells & impurities in deep pores".  After I removed my makeup, I gently massaged it all over my face for about a minute or so, then rinsed off with warm water. I can actually see that my skin is brighter after using the product as all the dead skin was exfoliated away, and revealed a fresh new layer underneath. My skin felt very soft and it didn't leave the skin feels tight or dry. 

Well, I would definitely purchase Pure Revolution Excellent Exfoliater when I run out of my current facial scrubs (if not, very soon). As for Time Revolution Wrinkle Cure Melting Rich Mask Cream, at a full price of NZ$95  I'm not sure if I would purchase it. I would probably spend a bit more and buy Lancome Visionnaire. I would have to say that a 7-10 day testing period would give a much better result on how effective the product is.

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