Sunday, December 18, 2011


I bought these Paint Pots and the pigments about a few months ago. The Paint Pots are from MAC Posh Paradise Collection and the Pigment is from MAC Fall Colour Collection. 

If you're not familiar with MAC, Paint Pots are their cream eyeshadows. I've bought a few of Paint Pot samples before & I quite like them. So, this time I bought the whole pots.

There are 8 new Limited Edition Paint Pots in this collection. All of them are pretty but I only got my hands on 3 of them. 

Nubile is a pale peach with a glossy finish. Genuine Treasure is a taupe-bronze with gold glitters. Imaginary is a dark purple-y navy blue. I picked these 3 colours because they are the colours that I usually use for my every day makeup.

These Paint Pots are great as a base for powder eyeshadows or pigments to adhere to and to make the shadows last longer. They're also nice on its own as a lid colour.

L-R: Nubile, Imaginary, Genuine Treasure
Nubile & Imaginary are very pigmented. A little goes a long way. On the other hand, Genuine Treasure is very glittery & needs a lot of work to get the colour & the glitters to show on the lids. Still, it's a pretty colour.

L-R: Nubile, Imaginary, Genuine Treasure

When I first used Imaginary Paint Pot, I applied it on my lids without a primer, and Man!, it stained my lids like crazy. I ended up have to triple-cleanse my face. First with my Pond's Cold Cream. This cream has always been my HG Makeup Remover as it works like wonder on any waterproof eye makeup I've ever used but obviously not with Imaginary Paint Pot.  After Pond's Cold Cream, I used my Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover. and Yes, I could still see the colour on my lids. At the end, I used my Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser when I was in the shower to finally got everything off. This kind of shows how long lasting these Paint Pots are (maybe a little bit tooooo long lasting :P)

After I decided to get these 3 Paint Pots, the SA showed me Pigments from their Fall Colour. There are very bright shades and some dark ones. The SA swatched 3 shades on my hand: Emerald Dusk, Blue Storm & Starless Night. I couldn't decide between Emerald Dusk & Starless Night (a dark purple with silver sparkles).

Emerald Dusk Pigment

I finally picked Emerald Dusk because Starless Night is very similar to Imaginary Paint Pot. Emerald Dusk is another one of the shades which is very hard to describe. It looks like green, grey and blue with a bit of silver. Yes! all of these in one shade. But I think that's why I like this colour because it's so unique.

Emerald Dusk Pigment

Pigments can be used dry or wet. I prefer to use this one dry. The reason is the same as with Imaginary Paint Pot. It stains my skin when use it wet. Emerald Dusk gives me a smoky eye that's not too dark or too harsh. Just enough for an every day soft sultry look.