Thursday, April 26, 2012


A couple of days ago, I asked my family & friends on my Facebook to vote a name I want to use for a series of hauls on this blog. From 5 names, P-HAUL got the most votes. So from now, I will be calling all my beauty hauls "P-Haul". 

And, here's the first post of P-Haul series 

The items I bought .... (L-R, T-B)
    • Missha STARS ON NAIL Gift Set [Free] -- I've received this gift set from Missha New Zealand as a giveaway on their Facebook page. They come in full size bottles with 3 colours; Orange stone, Lavender Stone and Blue Stone. Such a good giveaway!!
    • Australis Nail Colour in Rabid Revenge [NZ$13] -- A dusty grey with purple shimmer. Gorgeous colour! I bought this from Farmers. They are normally $13, but Farmers currently has 20% off on all Australis products. So I got a pretty good deal for it.
    • Clip-On Side-Swept Bang in Dark Brown [NZ$19.99] -- I bought this one from Ippondo, a Japanese Cosmetic Store at Atrium on Elliot in the city. I've been wanting to have a side-swept bang for a while now but not sure whether it would suit my face. I think this clip-on is my answer to have both my normal middle part & side-swept bang. 
    • Hanmi Tissue Face Masks [NZ$24.99] -- I always like Asian Tissue Face Masks and this pack comes with 20 sheets. What a great buy!! They come in 3 different types; Moisturizing, Pore Tightening & Brightening. I picked the brightening pack as I recently have lots of discolouration on my face for my old acne scars. With 20 sheets I think I should see a result, if they work. 
    • Australis Face-A-Holic [NZ$24.90] -- A jumbo compact with Blush, Pressed Powder & Bronzer. I saw this a while back but didn't get it because I just bought Benefit Powda Wowza. I spotted it again this time so I thought I would give another Australis product a try. 
    • DB Designer Brands Oil Free Foundation in Honey Beige [NZ$14.99] -- Another NZ drugstore cosmetic brand. This is my 1st time buying a product from this brand. The brand advertises as having a high end quality with a drugstore price. So I shall definitely give it a try!

 See you again in next P-Haul xxx


  1. I love japenese beauty products too :)
    affordable and cute packaging :P

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah..the packaging is probably the main thing that makes me buy them :)