Sunday, April 1, 2012


I have this Vidal Sassoon Curling Tong for ages and I kind of stop using it since I've got a Babyliss Pro Ceramic Curling Tong. Then the other day, I saw a youtube video by kandeejohnson on how to make a clipless curling iron. I think hey! that's a good idea for me to turn my old VS tong into something new & useful.

OK, what you need is your good old curling tong/iron and a screwdriver. Easy as that!

My VS Curling Tong

This particular one that I have is a 2 inches barrel. Kandee mentioned that whatever the curling you're going to use. it has to be the one that has a metal safety stand like my one in the photo. 

First of all, make sure you unplug your curling tong/iron. Next is remove the metal safety stand. This can be removed easily by pulling it side-way & away from the barrel, one side at a time.

Then use a screwdriver and remove the screws on both sides of the barrel. This is to remove the metal clamp.

The clamp should come out easily. Now, you will see the spring which makes the clamp stay closed by itself. 

The last thing you have to do is to remove the spring by using the screwdriver. 

Ta-da!! Here it is, my DIY Clipless Curling Tong/Iron. and now, let's try & see how it works.....

I find it easier to use than what it was. It works so good that I think I'm going to be using more than my Bybaliss Pro.

Thank you kandeejohnson for this super clever tip :)

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