Monday, June 18, 2012


1. It's totally OK to be 35 and still sleep with my favourite Teddy Bear, Nong Mee.

2. Don't go through life expecting that everything is going to be the way I want.

3. People do change over time: their feelings change, their attitudes change, their personalities change, and that's including myself. 

4. Always read the food label before I buy any food. These days I don't just buy food because they look good in the package/jar/bottle etc. Every time I read the label, I always find something interesting in the ingredient list or on the nutrition table & most of them are bad stuff.

5. It's OK to smile obnoxiously at the person who are rude to me, so that they know they can't ruin my day.

Nong Mee

6. A handful of good friends that I can always count on is more than enough for me.

7. I don't need to have lots of money, work for a big company and marry a rich, handsome man to be happy or successful. 

8. It doesn't matter if a donut made from Whole Grain Flour, Free-range Eggs, Fairtrade Sugar & fried in Organic Rice Bran Oil. Unhealthy food is still an unhealthy food.

9. Loss weight because it's good for my well-being, Not because I want to look like Miranda Kerr.

10. Don't squeeze the pimples! A pimple only stays for a week but an acne scar lasts for months or...forever.
6 Month Old Nancy

11. I can paint my right hand nails with my left hand without a big mess. Practice makes perfect!

12. Never ever have more than one credit card. None is the best. Believe me.

13. It's OK to don't know how to drive. That's what public transport & taxis are for.

14. Money is not everything but a little is necessary to survive.
15. Stay away from booze.They do nothing good for my body. A glass of Red a day wouldn't stop me from having a cancer or a heart disease, if I had Fried Chicken, Frappucino with Whipped Cream or a block of Chocolate regularly.

16. Do things that make myself happy as long as I don't hurt anyone emotionally or physically.

17. My mon & my sister are a few of my best friends.

My Mom (Khun Id) & My Sister (P'Nut)

18. Some people don't deserve to be kind to. And, it's totally ok...I'm not Mother Teresa.

19. Not all elderly people are nice & kind like my grandparents. Some are just plain nasty & rude and think they can get everything they want just because they're old.

20. If I don't ask for what I want, nobody knows what to give me.

21. It's totally OK to say NO.

22. The only thing I have a total control over is myself.

23. The best skincare is not the most expensive skincare. It's what works best for my skin.

24. I believe in Bob Marley & Three Little Birds "Don't worry about a thing. 'Cause every little thing is gonna be alright!" I have a prove & it's me. I've been to the worst place but I'm fine now.

25. I'm proud of my name "Phromyothi". But, living in a country where they don't know how to pronounce it, is a nightmare, and I feel sorry for them. By the way, it pronounces "Prom-yo-tee".

26. Stop planning so much (refer to No.2) When I was younger I thought I would have my BA by 22, be married by 25, have kids before I turned 30. Well, none of these happens. But I'm happy the way my life is and wouldn't want to change anything about it.

Graduated at age 31

27. Wearing makeup to make myself look better not to change how I look.

28. Evil Queen, Darth Vader & the Boogey Man don't scare me. Lizards & all the reptiles do!

29. I'm more confident than I used to 10 years ago.

30. I am special because nobody else can be "Nancy Phromyothi" Just me and only me!

31. Blogging is not as difficult as I thought and I think I can do it well.

32. I will never get my teen body back but I can make it as good (or pretty close) by having a healthy lifestyle.

33. If someone is no longer in my life, it happens for a reason.

34. Question everything I hear or see. Not everything on the national news is true.

35. I'm grateful to turn 35 and I don't feel, at all, old.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, what have you learned as your birthday comes?


  1. {HUGS} Look at you and all of your nuggets of wisdom! So proud of you my little cousin. I'm so happy we're reconnected and that I'm not #33. ;-)


    1. [[HUGS BACK]] :P Thank you ka. I think the fact that we lost contact for a long time makes us even closer & that we don't take each other for granted. all happened for a reason :)