Sunday, June 3, 2012


Chi Chi is another one of those makeup brands that I always walk pass at Farmer's. Previously, the look of the products leads me to think that they are for teenagers. That's why their products are cheaper than other NZ drugstore makeup brands. One thing that I've learn after years of experiencing with makeup is that not all the expensive makeup are good, and not all the cheap makeup are bad.

[The colours appears on these tubes are much lighter than the actual colour]
First thing that this product caught my attention, when I walked pass the display, is the pretty packaging. This Victorian-inspired pattern in matte black & metallic pink on the box & the lid is an eye-catcher. I like the clear bottom that you can see the shade of the lipsticks. The colours are quite true to the actual colour inside. (Picture above doesn't have very good lighting & looks a lot lighter than the actual shade you can see through the clear plastic). 

If I'm right, there's about 20 shades in this Viva La Diva Lipstick range. They come in different finishes. Not exactly sure what they are but as I can remember, they're Matte, Cream & Metallic. I picked Love Game (Cream), a medium reddish plum with very subtle shimmers, and Please Tease (Matte), a mauve-y soft pink. I wouldn't say Please Tease is a matte shade. It's an opaque shade. It has more like a satin finish with no shiny particles in it. 

Top - Please Tease / Bottom - Love Game
Left - Love Game / Right - Please Tease
They call themselves as matte lipsticks but both shades that I picked are very creamy and don't look matte at all. They glide on very smoothly on my lips. They have a really good pigmentation with a great staying powder. I've found that Love Game feels very moisturizing when applied without having to put on any lip balm as a base (I think it's called "cream" for a reason). Please Tease is also very easy to apply but doesn't look as shiny as Love Game.

L-R: Love Game & Please Tease

A downside of these gorgeous lippies, to me, would be the scent. It's very hard to describe exactly what the scent(s) is(are). I'm sure I can smell rose on the 1st note but it's kind of have a little hint of peppermint as well. Downside because rose is not my favourite scent. However, the scent fades after I put it on my lips.

Love Game (in natural light)

Please Tease (in natural light)

There's one more important thing I have to mention. I think Love Game is a very close dupe for MAC Viva Glam VI lipstick. It's almost identical; the tone & finish. The only difference is that Viva Glam VI looks more red while Love Game looks more pink. Since, MAC Viva Glam VI is my all-time favourite lipstick & I wear it all the time. I can tell you these two are a really good match. I can see the difference when I swatch them on my arm but they look exactly the same on my lips when I put them on.

Check out these pretty lipsticks at Farmers for your next beauty shopping!