Sunday, August 12, 2012


I bought this cleanser a while back when it was 1st available in NZ. I love a sturdy glass jar. It also comes with a small plastic spatula for scooping the product out. Thumps up for a hygienic freak like me. I really like the clean & refreshing scent it has.

The balm has a very thick consistency, a lot thicker than lip balms. After rubbing it between my palms & fingers as instructed, the balm becomes thinner and easier to work with. I can feel a warming sensation once I apply it on my skin.

It removes makeup well but I think it doesn’t do a lot for any waterproof eye makeup though. The warm feeling makes it hard to work around the eye areas. It just doesn’t make any sense to use the product with that kind of sensation around my eyes. Imagine trying to put eucalyptus oil on your eye? Yes, it stinks your eyes & you wouldn’t do it right? 

For NZ$59 a jar, I do think it’s a bit dear for what it is. I can get a cleanser or a makeup remover at Smith & Caughey’s for not much expensive than this.

All in all, I think this is still a good cleanser/makeup remover if you want to experience/try out a new innovative makeup products. But, I would recommend using a different eye makeup remover for delicate eye areas.

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