Saturday, September 1, 2012


In New Zealand, you can find these Beauty UK Trios at Makeup Direct. They are NZ$19.99 at a normal price. I bought them a while back when they have 30% off sale.

I saw a few of UK makeup gurus on YouTube talked about this brand before but I didn't realize they're available in NZ. So when I saw them I went straight to see what Beauty UK products they have.

After a few swatches. I decided to would go for the eye shadows. Their lipsticks are very nice too but I'm more of an eyeshadow person. So that was my pick for the day.

Midnight (L), Beach (R)
In natural light

They have some eyeshadow palettes as well. But I think the packaging for these trios are more fun. These eye shadows have a very good pigmentation. Just once sweep & I get the same colour as I see in the pan. All the colours are shimmery but not too much to make you look like a disco ball.

Earth (with flash)

Beach is a neutral brown trio with a light golden cream, a taupe brown and a bronze. I wear them to work a few times & they stayed on pretty well through out my 9hr work day. I like the golden cream shade as a highlight. I find myself reaching for it a few times during the week to go with my other shadows.

Midnight (with flash)

Midnight has a peal silver, a black and a grey. These are also shimmery. I don't have many of the dark eye shadows to create a smokey eye look. I thought Midnight would be a great start to have in my darker shade collection.

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