Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Lately, I'm scared of trying new skincare products. My skin has become very sensitive & frequently has breakouts. I'm now into an "au naturel" approach when it comes to what I put on my face. Today, I get an inspiration after watching a youtube video by the famous Kandee Johnson about her Lemon Trick

First, put a few teaspoons of lemon juice on a cotton pad. I use freshly squeezed juice but you can use those in a plastic bottle. Add about half teaspoon of Caster Sugar on the pad. Then use a gentle small circular motion to rub the pad all over your damp face for about a minute. Rinse with warm water & pat dry with a face towel.

Alternatively, you can mix lemon juice & sugar in a bowl. Then rub it on your face with your fingers. I've found that sprinkle sugar on a slice of lemon & rub it straight on your face also gives a great result.

My skin feels so soft after I use this lemon & sugar scrub. No irritation & breakouts. One thing I want to mention is that while Caster & Brown Sugar are good for exfoliating your skin. Don't use too much of it as over-exfoliating can cause a random acne on your face.

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