Sunday, August 18, 2013


If I were Cinderella, I wouldn't care for a pair of glass slippers! There are too many of gorgeous stilettos out there, that are way way way sexier & (probably) more comfortable than the fairy tale heels.

Here's a few of my DREAM shoes:

1) A pair of Christian Louboutin's Lady Peep pumps. Though, I wouldn't want to have a surgery to remove my bunions like VB. But If I have been given a pair of these beauties, I wouldn't wait, for a second, to say Yes! The spell of that signature Red sole always stops my heart.

 2) If I could pick only ONE pair of heels to wear for the rest of my life, these nude Manolo Blahnik's BB pumps would be it. The 4" classic pumps, inspired by Brigitte Bardot, will go with nearly everything you have in the wardrobe: skirts, jeans or tailored pants. I've been in love with them since I saw SJP worn them on Sex & The City.

3) You might be familiar with those cute Kitty flats that every female celebs seem to be waring. Charlotte Olympia's shoes are everywhere! But my pick would be these Paloma heels. The blue is my most favourite. The simple but yet seductive & sophisticated. Just looking at them makes me feel sexy & I'm serious!

All of these shoes are ridiculously expensive and that's the reason why they're my "dream" shoes. If I ever had enough money to own all these, I didn't think I can justify buying something for my feet with that kind of prices.

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