Wednesday, October 2, 2013


In NZ, you can fine Mavala products at Farmers, Unichem, Radius, Life Pharmacy and other local chemists. Their nail colours come in a cute 5ml. bottle at NZ$9-$10. I happened to find these lot at Price Wise for $1 each. They don't have the full range but a rather good selection: Pastels, Glitters, Bolds etc.

The brush application works well. Some appears streakier than the other but nothing major. I really like the small size bottle & the under NZ$10 price. Instead of buying an OPI for NZ$24.50, I can get 2 of Mavalas!! A girl can never have too many nail polishes, right? Also, a small size means I'm more likely to finish them before they are dried out. I always wonder when I am going to finish any of my full size bottles.

Platinum Marble has a shimmery finish. It has a hard-to-describe shade of pink, beige, grey & purple. It goes on quite sheer. I think it would look the same as in the bottle with at least 4 layers.(2 coats) 

Denim Blue is a metallic navy blue. Nothing much to say about this one. Just that I love it. (2 coats)

Aquamarine is a pastel mint green with very subtle green, blue & silver shimmers. It has a cream finish. Many people think that it's a dupe for Channel polish in Jade.

Vertigo Red is a jewel tone red with pearly finish. I don't own many red nail colours but this is a kind of red I wear. Not too bright. Not too too dark. Just the right shade to give that polishes & sophisticated look. (2 coats)

Racing Green is a creamy dark hunter green. Out of this bunch, this is the one I love the most. It's really opaque & very easy to apply. (1 coat)

Be Peachy. Be Glamorous. Be You.

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